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Dates and Schedules

Finding Important Course Dates

Information such as your course start date and duration, as well as other important dates for the course, are available in several places.

The Course About Page

Before you enroll in a course, the start date and course duration are visible on the course About page. 

Your Courses Page

After you enroll in a course, the course start date is visible on your Courses page under the course name. Some courses also include a start time.

A course may start at any time on its start date. If your course is not available the first time you try to access the course, try again later on that day. You do not need to sign in exactly when the course begins.

The Course Homepage

When you access course materials, you can find information about important course dates, including the course start and end dates, in the right pane on the Course page.

Learn how to start a course.

Course Length

Every course on UC San Diego Online, including those which are "self-paced" will have an end date. To earn a Statement of Accomplishment you will need to have successfully completed the course by the end date. 

You can see your course’s end date under "Important Course Dates" on the right side of the Course tab within the course.

Preparing for a Course

Each course is different - some have prerequisites, and some don't. Take a look at your specific course’s recommended prerequisites on the course description page. 

Your course will either directly provide required materials or provide information about how to acquire the materials. Some courses may list additional resources on their course description pages. In some cases, the completion of the course will require additional software (e.g. Zoom). Information about all necessary tools will be included in the introductory materials within the course."

For supplemental reading material during a course, post a question in the course discussion forum to ask your classmates and course staff for suggestions.

Class Times

If a course has live meetings, the times of those sessions will be listed on the course About page. Other course content, such as readings and videos, can be accessed at any time while the instructor has made them available.