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Update Enrollment to Pursue a Statement of Accomplishment


You can find the deadline for updating enrollment on the right side of your course's Home page under important course dates.

To update enrollment to earn a Statement of Accomplishment

Click on the green Update Enrollment to Earn Statement of Accomplishment button under the course on your dashboard or on the right side of the course tab.



Cannot Find Option to Update Enrollment

To be eligible to receive a Statement of Accomplishment, a learner must update their enrollment and pay before the course's deadline. The option to update enrollment will not appear if the deadline has passed or if the course has ended and been archived.

In these cases, it is not possible to earn a Statement of Accomplishment in this session of the course. The deadline is usually 10 days before the end of a course, though it may be earlier in some courses depending on assignment deadlines.

To try for a Statement of Accomplishment, you may instead enroll again in a future session.

How To Update Enrollment

To upgrade, click the green Update Enrollment to Earn a Statement of Accomplishment button under the course on your Courses page.


If this button does not appear, then the deadline to update enrollment for your course has already passed. 

On the payment page enter your credit card information to update your enrollment.

Do I have to update my enrollment at the beginning?

For courses that offer an audit track, you are welcome to begin the course for free, then update your enrollment soon after the course begins. We recommend updating as soon as possible so you can access the graded assignments needed to progress towards earning a Statement of Accomplishment. 

Note: You will not be able to upgrade your enrollment after the deadline has passed, or after the course has ended.

To find the specific deadline for your course, go to the course Course homepage, and then locate the update deadline under Important Course Dates.

After Course End Date

Students must update enrollment to earn a Statement of Accomplishment while the course is in session. Generally, it is possible to update until 10 days before the course ends, but some courses may offer less time. For the specific deadline, see the Important Course Dates on the right side of the course's Home tab.