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UC San Diego Online provides a global community of learners access to UC San Diego research and scholarship. The system is based on the Open edX platform, branded for UC San Diego and tailored for our own learning needs. Each course includes materials developed or curated by UC San Diego faculty, along with learning activities and opportunities to connect with fellow learners.


Who do I contact for help with billing?

For course purchase refund and billing inquiries contact the UC San Diego Online billing. Do not include credit card information.

I'm a UCSD instructor. How can I teach a course on UC San Diego Online?

For instructors who are interested in using UC San Diego Online, or developing fully online courses, contact the Digital Learning Hub.

I’m a UC San Diego Alumni. How can I access courses that I completed as a student?

You can still access the UC San Diego Online courses completed while you were a student using the following process:

  1. Sign up for Alumni Email for Life from UC San Diego
  2. Return to UC San Diego Online and click Sign in
  3. Click Forgot password?
  4. Use the email that was sent from UC San Diego Online to reset your password and login to the system

Who creates the courses on UC San Diego Online?

Each course on UC San Diego Online is created by a UC San Diego instructor working with instructional designers in the Digital Learning Hub in the Teaching + Learning Commons.

Do I have to be associated with UC San Diego to take any classes?

No, you do not have to be associated with UC San Diego to create an account and view the listing of available courses.

Do I have to create an account to access courses on UC San Diego Online?

Yes, you will need to create a personal account to view and enroll in specific courses on UC San Diego Online. To create an account, you will need a valid email address. Your account will then allow you to keep track of your progress, participate in the courses, and enroll in additional learning opportunities.

Note: If you have a UC San Diego email address, you can login to the system using your UC San Diego Single Sign On account.

Can I use my account on UC San Diego Online?

Unfortunately, no. The two systems are separate, so you will need to create a UC San Diego Online account. If you are a UC San Diego affiliate, you can login with your your official UC San Diego account.

What technology do I need to complete courses on UC San Diego Online?

Each course on UC San Diego Online could utilize custom tools and services. Be sure to check the requirements listed in each course.

In general, you will need the following:

How much does it cost to take a course on UC San Diego Online?

The cost for each course varies. Check the information page for each course to identify any associated fee(s). 

Note: There is no cost to create an account on UC San Diego Online and browse the courses in which you can enroll.

Can I earn any recognition for completing courses on UC San Diego Online?

Yes, in some cases, you can earn a Statement of Accomplishment by completing either an individual course or a series of courses. Note that you can generally qualify for discounted course enrollment fees if you are working to complete an entire program.

How can I find out when a course will become available?

Check the course About page, which provides information about when the course is available, including the next scheduled start date.

Enrollment opens prior to the start of instruction. If you enroll in a course early, you will receive an email reminder when the course begins.

Is Authorize.Net Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliant?

Course purchases are performed via Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net is audited yearly to confirm that it remains in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Visa maintains a list of PCI DSS compliant service providers, updated monthly, at Visa Featured Service Providers. The list details the service provider, validation date, services covered, assessor and the regions covered.

To confirm Authorize.Net's PCI DSS compliance:

  1. Go to the Search Service Providers registry, provided by Visa
  2. In the Company field on the left, type ""
  3. Click Go. The entry, CyberSource (Authorize.Net), is displayed

Resource: Support

Can I earn UC San Diego credit by completing a UC San Diego Online course?

In general, courses in UC San Diego Online are not eligible for regular credit from UC San Diego. Courses that have a credit option will be clearly identified on the About page.